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Huka Co-Pilot

The Huka Co-Pilot is foot pedal tandem trike.

Bike specification 

Cycle Position: Upright

Pedal Position: Foot pedal vertical

Postural support: None

Optional Hand/Foot support: 

Solo or Tandem: Tandem


Independent control: Rear passenger control

Gear Shift Position: Left/right

Brake Lever Position: Both

E-assisted: No

How many wheels: 3 (2 Front, 1 Rear)

Terrain: Forest paths, Rugged terrain, Active travel

Distance: Slow, Heavy, Quick (Approx half day)

Manoeuvrability and Steering: Gates, Turning circle

For more information have a look on their website here:


Costs and Booking

Guided rides are £170 for a half day and £300 for a full day (includes up to 8 people)
Hire for a half day
Hire for a full day
link to the bike hire booking form and group booking form

Who's it for? 

Adults who are looking for ..............

Where can it go?

This bike is suitable for forest trails, tarmac, fire roads, cycle ways and easy single track (no drop offs)..........

How far can it go? 

The Co-Pilot can cover anywhere between in a half day or in a full day


Gates and stiles..............

Partners and Funders

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