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Alternative Curriculum

Our alternative curriculum ranges from skills development courses in climbing and canoeing (achieving a non formal learning award) to sensory sessions focused on exploring the local woodland or water environments.

We are keen to support young disabled people with additional support needs as part of their school program, an activity agreement and individuals self directed support. We realise the importance of keeping the programme fluid and adapting to the needs of the individuals and the group. These can be run as one off activities, on a term time basis or as part of long term regular weekly sessions.

Non formal learning awards

We can offer opportunities to gain a certificate or award in a specific outdoor discipline. This can be programmed into the sessions or may occur by naturally due to an individuals level of interest. The awards we can offer are...

Duke of Edinburgh Award

NICAS Indoor Climbing Award

Paddle sports awards in Canoeing, Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

National Navigation Awards

To discuss the awards or a program for an individual or group please do not hesitate to get in touch through our contact page.

£145 for a half day (maximum group size of 8)

£225 for a full day (maximum group size of 8)

Partners and Funders

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